What Does Freedom Mean to Me?

Freedom is an inate right that we as humans have had since birth. Freedom is not something that can’t be touched, seen, smelled or feeled. All this gives the vague idea of freedom. But what does it mean to ME?

Different people have different opinions, definitions, and thoughts about the idea of freedom. Some speak of freedom in the political sense, others speak of social freedom, others of personal independence and others define it as religious freedom. But the fact that everyone wants to be free is true in every case.

Freedom is about ensuring respect and not living free. All societies define freedom in their own respect. Different cultures see freedom in their own light, and as a result, people living in different cultures enjoy freedom in a way that they deem appropriate.

To enjoy our freedom does not mean that we ignore the freedom of others and live the way we feel. We must consider the rights and feelings of people around us when we live OUR freedom.

Freedom does not come with independence. Freedom is also about enjoying the enchanting beauty of nature and the environment around us. A person who is worried and anxious cannot be free to mind and therefore cannot appreciate the scenic beauty of a moonlit sky or the pleasing music of songbirds at sunset.

Therefore, freedom to me personally is a whole state of mind. This implies that your mind is not under the constant fear or constraint of security in life. The feeling of having social recognition, being praised and being safe does not mean freedom. Our aspirations and ambitions to be someone are absurd and does not suggest freedom.

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