My Involvement in My Community

I have always been involved with my community over the years and not only have I learned from my involvement, but I have shared that involvement with the expertise that I have with others and it has been great and I will always continue on sharing it. My involvement in my community very important to not only myself, but to the people who knew me and were assisted. I was involved with voter registration, helping the elderly get to the polls on Primary Election or Election Day, helped with programs at schools like breakfast and luncheons where students can get a meal whenever they feel like it during the summer months when they are out of school, also work at schools in the computer labs and show them (and some adults as well) how to apply for employment and fill out job applications, for there are some that do not know how and assisting them is a way I see as “helping the community”.

Working outdoors is another way that I contribute to my community by volunteering during the cold or hot months either picking up litter in parks or shoveling snow in the winter so the elderly won’t have to do it if there is no one there to do it for them. Planning fundraisers to raise money for various events or things that are needed for the neighborhood is another thing that I do to contribute to my community, just to let people know that I am there for them in their time of need when there is no one else around.

So these are the things that I do to contribute to a community that is and ALWAYS be eternally grateful and will always know that I have their back when the times are good or bad because involvement in a community gives a person a feel of belonging and giving back when he or she has receives from that commuinity over the years and also receives the admiration and respect that they truly deserve because a person never knows when a blessing is going to come, whether large or small it would be worth receiving and will benefit in the long run.

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