Do I Vote In Political Elections?

Do I vote in political elections? Well of course I do, because not only is it my constitutional right as an American voter, but also because my love for the political process in America is as strong as I can ever imagine. Nothing brings more excitement to me than just watching the two main political parties go at it for even the smallest thing that sometimes don’t even matter, but the whole idea of voting altogether is just great. Without the voting powers that we have right now we wouldn’t be able to decide who would represent us in the local, state or federal levels of government and that would surely be a pain in the ass for the simple fact that we might wind up having someone who doesn’t know what they are doing represent us and that would put the entire situation in a complete tailspin and then everything will go out of whack!

I also love political elections because of the various issues that are discussed between the two parties and sometimes they have huge disagreements over almost ALL the issues, whether it’s abortion, health care, the foreign policies ideas of each party have different views of, the economy, job creation or whatever comes to mind, there is always gonna be debate and different opinions. As far as I’m concerned, I have a more liberal view when it comes to social issues but I’m very conservative when it comes to financial situations, like for example spending money unnecessarily BUT still willing to pay for programs that will get people out of dire starights and back on their feet, whatever the costs.

This is the most powerful right we as Americans have and taking advantage of it gives us the power of who goes in and who goes out…

So yes, I do love voting in political elections because it gives me a feel that I can “control” the narrative of who gets into office or if that certain candidate deserves my vote in the first place because a vote can be taken advantage of after it’s given out and that would be a wasted action being carried out on either my part or the other voter’s because we didn’t fully pay atttention to the issues or what the candidate’s views are, as long as he or she got the vote. I’m so glad I pay attention to the political process and events we have here in America because if I didn’t I’d be like a lost little puppy looking for his mother and might end up in the pound either way it goes! (LOL)

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