Another Long Day…But Not TOO Long

Happy May Day and first of the month to everyone. I hope everything is going good and things will be a lot smoother than they were in April with the loss of two great people who affected our lives within two days time, first with Harry Belafonte on Tuesday, April 25th and Jerry Springer on Friday, April 27th. They both brought a sense of entertainment and excitement into our world with their different forms of style and wonder, with Belafonte being a singer, actor, activist and world-wide humanitarian, while Springer brought us laughter and intrigue with the talk show he hosted in Chicago for 27 years and garnered fame and controversy all at the same time. So I say farewell to two great personalities who taught America how to enjoy music, fight for freedom, learn informative ideas and thoughts and bring us a bit of humor with one’s acting and another one who’s guests on his show had issues like no other!

Well, as usual my day was good. Wasn’t too busy but there has been times where a person never knows what’s gonna go on so I try not to surprise myself. Another day, another RAINY day of course and the skies were as dark as ever, but not too dark though. Maybe it was a sign that the day or the week will be better and things will look up in a way that I don’t even know about, who knows? They say a day can do something to a person, depending on the weather of course, but we’re supposed to get good weather this week so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

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