What Are My Favorite Emojis?

There are a lot of emojis in the world that were created by social media and they are VERY interesting to use whenever a person is in a certain mood, whether happy, angy, sad, depressed, surprised or frustrated about something. I think the emojis are US, and we are THEM, meaning that the expressions that the emojis have are actually the way we feel and act when there is something wrong or bothering us.

My favorite emojis are usually the happy or excited ones (when something good is going to happen or I’m about to receive something), the angry emoji (when I’m pissed off about something or when someone makes me angry), the thinking emoji (the one I REALLY like because I always have to think about something if I’m going to make a hard or difficult decision about something), and my other favorite, the “eye-roller” (in which the emoli has his eyes looking up as if somebody said or did something completely stupid) is an interesting one as well. These are the emojis that I like the best, but I have to say that I like ALL the emojis because they all have an expression that ANYBODY can have.

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