A Risk Taking That I Don’t Regret

There’s a lot of risks I have taken over the years when it came to doing things, some I regret doing, others I don’t, but in the end the risks that I have taken and don’t regret definetely paid off in the long run. The one risk that I have taken and never regretted whatsoever was leaving a job knowing I was going to be let go for no apparent reason. I already another job to fall back on and it was a matter of time before everything fell into place of what was going to happen. Since I knew I was gonna be let go (the terminating job didn’t know I knew), I just went in one day on my scheduled work day, said hello, went straight to my locker, cleaned it out and just left. They really thought I was gonna work that day, but they surely thought wrong for I got all my belongings and left, with no regret whatsoever. The lesson I learned was that if you’re gonna burn a person, make sure yougot all your matches because it will take a hard time putting out a fire that gets out of control…

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