Why the Hell is This Weather Acting So Funny…

I could have swore that last Saturday it was so nice outside I wanted to just stay out and enjoy every minute of it, you know, walk around the park, or most likely, the entire neighborhood, which I’m real good at since I know my neighborhood left and right and like the palm of my hand, plus the ones next to it, then all of a damn sudden Sunday hits and it starts SNOWING…can you and anyone else whose reading this blog believe it?!? I mean come on, we all thought that winter was over with in mid-March but everyone was wrong and then it was just snowing like crazy and to think that I placed all my winter clothing in storage just to have to pull some of it out…Unbelievable!

Only in my fair city will anyone try to figure out why the weather was acting so crazy for the last few days lasy week now all of a sudden it’s nice outside TODAY (although it rained this morning, but just briefly) and it has been nice almost all day so all I know is that this weather can be crazy sometimes and we don’t even know what to expect next time. Who knows? It can be sunny right now and then start raining or snowiong, whichever happens first, but hey, we all can’t be weathermen or women can we? Whatever type of weather come we have to either enjoy it or just stay in the house and Netflix our asses off!(LOL)!!!

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