The Positive Thing a Family Member Has Done for Me

I can think of a lot of things that any family member of mine has done for me, but the one thing that I will never forget and always cherish was the time that mymother taught me how to swim. Yes, my mother taught me to ACTUALLY swim and I was surprised to even experience that. Now I know sometimes it’s men that are supposed to teach their sons how to do “outdoor” things like drive cars, fix on houses , do workout excercises to either strengthen the body or go hunting, but it was my mother who taught me how to swim (well, cook as well, but when it came to baking, I sucked at it). I believe that if she hadn’t taught me how to swim I probably would have failed Physical Ed in high school or wouldn’t be able to swim at the beach whenever we all went.

I was hesitant at first of trying to swim, always jumping to the conclusion that as soon as I got into the water and tried to even move my arms a certain way, I’d drown, but my mother, who was a pretty good swimmer in her younger days had patience with me and took her time going through all the basics with me such as breaststroke, backstroke, doggy paddle, float and so on. It did take some time to learn the steps of swimming, but as time went on I kept on practicing and practicing until I get the hang of it and what do you know, I can SWIM and I’m so proud of myself and so is my mother and not only is she happy, but I am as well, along with everyone else who is told that I can swim and ever since then I’ve been hitting the pools and the beaches whenever I can to just jump in the water and flow in the water like it’s nothing! And this is what a family member did for me to make me happy, yes, my mother taught me how to do something that makes me happy and that’s to learn how to do something that I didn’t think I could do on my own.

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