Five Everyday Things That Bring Me Happiness

There are a lot of things that in life that bring me happiness, but I have so much to name I won’t even go there so here are five things that make me happy everyday:

-Waking up in the morning: When I wake up I always look forward to a new day, a new beginning and to see what the day will bring and what experience or event may occur. Having breakfast, going to work and getting things done in a timely manner makes me happy because I don’t have to worry about any problems later if they come.

-Making sure my finanacial business is in order: There’s nothing like making sure that all your business is handled and not having to worry about minimal stuff. But when it comes to money I always make sure it’s intact and not try to spend so much on stuff I don’t need.

-Being loved by family and friends: Having family and friends in your corner is the greatest thing in the world, especially when you are going through some situations that you try to handle and can’t seem to get by. I’m happy that whenever I get myself in a jam, whether financial, personal, job-wise or health-wise, I know I got a close-knit network of people I can count on.

-Having a good job or two: I feel great having a job (or two) I can go to without having any problems with my coworkers or my manager because I basically get along well with everybody I work with, but if I’m rubbed the wrong way or approached in a way that I don’t like, I can be very irritable and cold so it’s best NOT to make me feel bad.

-Writing my blogs and doing my podcast show: The one thing that really bring me happiness is the fact that I have my own blogging website (it’s called The Wright Info, AND podcast show, called The Wright Info Podcast Show, which can be found on Anchor and Spotify (I will place it on other social media sites later), which I started in June of last year and they’re both coming along pretty good!

Well, these are the five things that bring me happiness in my life and I wouldn’t change them for the world even if given the opportunity of exchanging them for money (LOL)! If I ever find anything else that bring me happiness I’ll be be sure to share it with the audience and won’t be shy about it when it happens.

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