Something I Learned in High School

There’s a lot of things I have learned over the years in school, whether grammar school, high school or college, It seems that after I learned it, it never left me. Now while I was in high school I learned to pick up more knowledge when it came to relationships. What I mean is I became brave enough to talk to a girl that I actually liked.

I admit I was kinda shy back in the day and I didn’t know how to approach a girl but I got more braver and courageous enough to do what I had to do in order to at LEAST make myself happy and not feel a bit embarrassed or hurt in the event of rejection. So what I did was steadied myself, went up to the girl I wanted to talk to and started expressing myself and feelings for her and just asked her various questions about what her likes and dislikes were, where she liked to go, her favorite foods and so for.

Then all of a sudden she just stood there, staring at me with this look of surprise and just started talking, I mean I thought she was gonna give me the biggest rejection ever, but instead she actually held a conversation with me and it was nice. At first she must have thought I was some random guy trying to make moves on her quickly, but I see she saw it differently and maybe it was the way I approached her with full dignity and respect and she admired that.

Everything went well and we started having more conversation and it was nice and yes, we did go out sometimes after school and have more talks about stuff that we like to do and enjoy. But in the end we never stayed together permanently, but we still shared a relationship that has taught me what it means to just go out and take a chance on something and see if it works, even if it’s for the first time and I have learned from it since.☺️☺️☺️

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