The Dems Are Coming, The Dems Are Coming…

That’s right, the Democratic National Committee has decided and President Joe Biden has granted the city of Chicago the right to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention and I couldn’t be more happier (Oops, I guess I gave my party affiliation away, but that’s fine with me) because I believe in the Democratic Party’s platform of helping working families, assisting unions to be stronger, equal opportunities for all Americans, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, religion or sexual orientation, this party, which has been around since 1828, did have it’s problems over the years and centuries but has proven itself to look in the mirror and say to itself that “we are the party of the people, the working man, the women who help take care of our children and have the right to choose when it comes to having an abortion or not, the minorities of America who want the same respect and dignity that everyone else receives, the immigrant who comes to our shores and want a perfect life for his or her family and the worker, whether in a union or not wants a fair shake when it comes to good pay while doing work that can sometimes be seen as being rough or bad”. This is what the Democratic Party stands for and as long as they’re standing up for those who are afraid of speaking, then I’ll always support it.

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