What Character I Would Be and Why

The character I would like to be and why is Sherlock Holmes. Why I say Sherlock Holmes is because he is the greatest detective and expert of solving cases in the form of deduction and self-knowledge. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did an excellent job of creating one of the greatest characters of the Victorian era and he did the world a great justice by also having created a partner whom Holmes can trust and rely on when the times get tough and the cases get tougher and that’s Dr. John Watson, always there when Holmes is stumped in a situation and tries to get out of it, no matter how hard it is.

I see myself as Sherlock Holmes because I’m the type of person that like to “investigate” things that occur and try to do everything in my power to figure out what the problem is and break it down until I get to the solution of the problem. It can be tough to do that, but with a strong resolve and a good knack for instinct, then it won’t be so difficult to figure out an answer and stick with it. As much as I’ve read the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, I’m very much like the character. It’s like you can learn from the character you’re reading about in a book and adapt to his or her norms, thoughts, feelings, ideas, views and so on. So yes, if there was any character I would want to be it would be Sherlock Holmes, to me one of the greatest detectives of deduction ever created.

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