Happy Easter 2023…

Well, It’s Easter Sunday 2023 and it’s like I said yesterday, people are all out at church celebrating the ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ on this day of return and everyone is showing up AND showing out at at all the churches here in the city. The men are all dressed to the nines with the sharp suits and shiny shoes all polished up and you also got the kids all dolled up, the little girls with their hair all done and the dresses that are very nice, plus the boys, who seem to imitate their fathers with fresh haircuts, suits ties all tied up nice and neat and showing all the manners in the world. Now don’t let me get started with the old folks cause they REALLY show up and show out, the older men dressed like pimps acting like they’re owed money and the women with hats so large and high it’s hard to see the pastor and always seem to have this thing of trying to outdress one another, come on, it’s Easter Sunday, not a fashion show for the righteous, but hey, as long as everyone is having a good time that’s what matters.

Now we all know that after service everyone is going to run home and sit at that LONG dinner table and see what’s gonna be served because Easter dinner is like a precursor to Thanksgiving, especially when it comes to food, and trust me, there will be LOTS of food and plates will be filled and stomachs filled up (jelly beans and Peeps included, if there’s room of course). There will be tributes to the resurrection of Christ, for he died for our sins and joined his Father on this holy day of return. With this being said, I wish all my blog and podcast supporters a Happy Easter and the very best in celebrating this day of grand rising and joy with family and friends.

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