The Easter Weekend, 2023

Well, it’s Easter weekend, 2023, Resurrection Day as we very much call it since tomorrow will be the day that our Lord Jesus Christ came back from being crucified on the weekend before his rising and went to be with his Father. It’s also a time when people go to the store and buy all types of food and delicacies for Easter dinner on Sunday, AFTER everyone has attended church and spoke to relatives. There is ONE tradition that has been carried out over the Easter weekend for over the past 40 or 50 something years and that’s the airing of the 1956 movie The Ten Commandments by Cecil B. DeMille, starring Charleston Heston, Yul Brynner, Yvonne DeCarlo, Vincent Price, Edward G. Robinson and many, many more of Hollywood’s past stars.

And I know good and well there are a lot of little girls who dread getting their hair done the night before because I know my sisters would go crazy when my mother did their hair back in the day. It was that hot curling iron that every little girl was scared of being under because of the fear of it touching their scalp or the forehead, knowing that they would get burned, just screaming bloody murder and using every word in the book, even on the Saturday night before Easter, just to get popped in the mouth for letting any profanity come out of their mouths.

Now, me and my brothers, we very much had it easy on the Saturdays before Easter. all we had to do was get a nice suit to put on (we would very much get something that would fit us to a T and that was it), also we’d get a nice hair cut either on the Friday OR Saturday night before so we would be ready for Sunday church service (and who knows, probably impress one of the girls, but with it being Easter Sunday that’d be wrong).

So that’s how Easter was in my youth and I see that it will continue on in the kid’s of today’s situation, they just have to get through it like we did, and trust me, it will surely be worth it because just imagine the dinner that would be waiting for us when we got home from service (breakfast was rarely served because everybody was too busy running around getting ready) and so on and I hope this little Saturday night blog give people a real feel of what that one particular night can do to have such an effect on one important day, so i say good bye and enjoy this Easter weekend.

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