And the Winner of the 2023 Chicago Mayoral Run-Off Election Is…

Yes everybody, it was a close onbe last night and everyone was very much on pins and needeles on who was going to be Chicago’s 57th chief executive and the people have spoken, narrowly, and I mean VERY narrowly chose Cook County Commisioner Brandon Johnson, who hails from Chicago’s West Side and was a relatively unknown in city politics, but after his close election last night over former Chicago Public School CEO Paul Vallas, it shows that you don’t have to be well-known to win something, just keep on striving for whatever you want in life and you’ll definetely get it, no matter what the challenges and hardships that had to be tackled or whatever situations are in the way, just make sure to keep a straight and honest character and be a man (or woman) of your word and you’ll surely make it or succeed in whatever you want in life.

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