The Last Difficult Goodbye I Had to Give

The most difficult goodbye that I had to give was in August of 2016 when my 83 year-old mother passed away of natural causes. It all occured on a Sunday afternoon when I was at home watching a movie, but my mother was already in a nursing home and very much not feeling well. When I got the news from my sister about our mother’s passing it hit me like no other news (except of course the passing of my father and oldest brother several years apart) that it had a real hurtful effect on me and I had to deal with the pain of losing a loved one.

To lose someone close to you is one thing because you’re close to them and known them for so many years, but when it comes to family that’s an entirely different story because of the personal history and relationship you have with that person. I have the greatest relationship in the world with all my family members, but when it comes to my mother, it was excellent, because they say that when baby boy comes into the world the first woman he lays eyes on is his mother. That’s probably why the term “Mama’s Boy” comes from, but I don’t think it does. Not to get away from my point, the farewell that I gave my mother at her memorial service a few days after her passing was one for the ages, for the words I expressed that day not only brought tears to the eyes of all her children, but to the eyes of complete strangers and familiar visitors who knew her over the years. They all loved my mother and we as her children loved her to the moon and back. To continue on writing this blog about the most difficult goodbye I had to deliver should not have to be continued written about because my feelings about it would just sadden me so I end this blog on a positive note and word of advice: love and respect those who are here now and cherish the times together because once they’ve moved on until the next life, there is no return visit from them…

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