The City Elections in Chicago: The Results Are In…

Well, yesterday’s municipal elections are over in chicago and I have to say as most political pundits predicted, it was close, but our mayor was defeated for re-election for the first time since we had a defeated mayor in 40 years. So now we have to vote AGAIN…yes, we have to cast our votes in a run-off election for mayor on April 4th of this year between our former CEO of the Chicago Public Schools Paul Vallas and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson. I agree this election will be close just like the last one and more and more money will be spent, along with former rivals for the mayor’s seat who did not succeed will be asked for their endorsements and to campaign on each of the run-off candidate’s behalf. As much as I love politics ans all the shenanigans that go on during the campaign season, I got to say that this was a very interesting election and I’m definetely looking forward to the run-off, it for it may be close, but we all know that it CAN be close, but if more and more people turn out, maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a winner on Election Night…Good luck to the run-off challengers and may the best man win.

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