The City Elections in Chicago and Politics as a Whole

Well, today is Election Day here in Chicago where we as Chicagoans go to the polls and pick our next mayor, the alderman of our residing ward and police district representatives. Currently, we have nine people vying for the position, but the current mayor, Lori E. Lightfoot is trying to win another four-year term and is trying to do the best she can to hold the job she’s held since being elected back in 2019. Sometimes I wonder why so many people are running for an office he or she isn’t experienced in but want to question why things aren’t going so well. Of course every city in America and the world has its problems and they can’t be solved overnight.

Running for an elective office MAY seem to be easy, depending on what office is being sought and how to go about it as far as campaigning and succeeding is concerned. Whoever wins their respective offices tonight here in Chicago (or if there are run-offs to be held if a candidate doesn’t get a certain percentage of the vote), they’ll have to do a bit more campaigning and spend a bit MORE money to claim the “crown” they’re chasing for the second time around, if not the first. They say politics create strange bedfellows, but when it comes to money who has to buy the bed? (LOL!!!). Promises have been made, talking points given, pavements pounded, babies kissed (along with asses just to get in good with the potential voter), and loads of money being spent, all just in order to at least TRY to get hold of a job and in the event that he or she loses, they’ll be in knee deep of debt if that happens and if they are victorious, then all the work they put in was very much well worth it.

Well, I’m gonna end this short blog on a note in which everyone can understand that when it comes to politics, try not to try TOO hard to win a position and make promises and guarantees that can’t be kept because being under a microscope is what could happen if you become this political “false prophet” and wind up getting caught, you just end up looking for a new job if defeated for re-election because your mouth wrote a check your ass couldn’t cash and now being at the end of the line can be a possibility. I say good luck to all the current office holders and all the challengers and hopefully things go well tonight…

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