What is My Favorite Drink

I have a lot of drinks that I like to enjoy when I’m relaxing or sometimes on the go that keeps me going at times, depending on where I’m going or what I’m doing. If I’m hot or feeling a bit sweaty I’ll have me some water or a nice, tall glass of lemonade to cool me down. Now if I’m out socializing with friends or just by myself at a function I’ll have me a little wine or some soft beer, nothing too hard for I would have to go home and wind up somewhere I’m not suppose to be (LOL!).

But to answer the question of what my favorite drink is, it’s a Rum and Coke, very popular in the Caribbean islands andin the U.S., if that’s what I want. Now THAT’S my favorite ALCOHOLIC drink in a sense. My favorite soft drink would be a regualr old root beer because it has a certain sweetness to it that I enjoy. I can have that with a small lunch or a large dinner, and as far as a rum and Coke, that’s fine as well, but I don’t drink alcoholic beverages in the middle of the day, nor do I just drink, drink, drink, drink, drink! I love having a good time but I can and do control myself whenever I’m either entertaining or being entertained. So those two are the drinks that I like to enjoy when winding down after a long day’s work or a just trying to enjoy a good weekend.

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