Increase in Social Media Usage and Marketing Futures

Today, billions of people wordwide use social media platforms, making it the most advanced technology for current and future generations. Current statisticsshow that socialmedia usage is estimated tocover over half the world’s population, which accounts for 4.20 billion people who use the Internet. For example, the overall number of people using Facebook as a social media platform is expected to hit 3.29 billion during the early months of 2023, representing 42.3% worldwide. This blog aims to lookat the 13% increase in social media usage back in 2020 and how it is essential for ther future of social media marketing.

With the advancement in modern technology, consumers can gain new content from creators who often use social media for advertising their products or services. Many brands use social media to create good relationships with new customers to hewlp them get to their reach. In addition, 21% of consumers are estimated to reach brands through social media to buy their products. Companies are also asked to demonstrate social responsibility and r=take positions on current problems. In summary,increased social media usage will positively transform social media marketing for brands and companies by meeting their online customer’s expectations and need sthrough advertisement.

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