What I Did Today…

My day was fine today, on this Saturday, February 11th, 2023, a few days into Black History Month and I got to say that it was pretty good. I woke up this morning, made me a nice, great bowl of oatmeal with raisins, milk, a little honey and some sugar. It was REAL good and I enjoyed every bit of it! Yes, i am a pretty decent cook (just don’t ask me to bake because I’m not really good at it, but that’s all right, I’ll learn). Then I cleaned my room, did some research on more blogs that I will write later on next week and then pick back up on my podcast show, the Wright Info because I’ve been kinda busy for quite a while and haven’t got to it, but I will.

I also went to Open Books Used Book Store near Lake and Clinton and purchased me a couple of books that I will read later on in the year, but right now I’m reading a book called The Governor’s Wife, by Michael Harvey and it’s good so far. it’s mostly a local novel because the main character, Michael Kelly, is a private investigator that solve crimes and help people out in his hometown of Chicago. After coming home from the bookstore, I got comfortable and prepared my dinner, a pizza puff and French fries, along with some lemonade and everything was SO good! Sat down and ate and watched a couple of shows on my IPad. The first one was the history of the Super Bowl (Super Bowl VII will be held tomorrow night, and another was a movie called Leave, more like a black suspense thriller.

Well, that’s all I did today and I’m looking forward to another day tomorrow, hoping that it will be a good one, in which I know it will.

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