Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet and Mailed Surveys

This blog may not reflect the views of the general population. This is because the elderly, who are part of the entire population, do not have access to the Internet as unnecessary. It turns out that in this case, they will not receive e-mails and also will not take part in the survey. In addition, there is an adult stratum the population that has e-mail and internet access, but will not be able to answer the questionnaire. There are also cases when adults and young people ignore letters, even more so surveys received via the internet.

In general, the probability that the study accurately reflects the population’s views is very low. The advantage of conducting surveys via the internet compared to postal surveys is the low cost. That is, much cheaper than sending paper letters. In addition, the advantages is that the probability of an answer via the internet will be much higher than answer via mail because people would not have to leave their homes The disadvantages include the fact that some people can answer the questionnaire at random, which reduces the likelihood of getting reliable answers to the questions that are asked.

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