How Death Changes My Perspective

Any loss we experience can be very painful. Loss can come in many forms such as a sporting loss, a financial loss, a business loss or mostly, losing a loved one. While there are many more different losses, each one brings with it an opportunity to re-evaluate what we could have done differently, if we didn’t get the results we wanted. The biggest loss that we can experience is the loss of a loved one.

As I write this blog that’s being asked in a form of a question, I have experienced the loss of a loved one who I cherished very much. As I reflected on the things that I admired about that person that I have lost, it’s easy to think about what’s missing and won’t be the same. While the grieving process is imprtant, we can always find a different way to look at the loss to get through the grieving process.

Experiencing a loss can put so many things about our lives into perspective. Having these new insights can be the catalyst for new or better decisions,improves relationships, and motivate usto make the changes we know we should make to live a better, more fulfilled lives.

Winning and losing are a part of life. While any loss can be painful, if we’re able to look at it from a different perspective, we’ll realize that there are many lessons for us to learnfrom the loss.

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