A “To-Do” List That Never Gets Done

There’s a lotr of things that I haver to do in order to get through my day, but it seems like that I can’t because I’m always so busy doing other things snd cannot get to them and when I do, I get kinda distracted and that can be sorta of bothersome. The one thing that I want to do and get out of the way is sometimes write out all the blogs and do all the podcasts that I have to do in oprder to get through my day. Now don’t get tme wrong, I do have time to do both and do have weekends to do them, it seems like I’m always caught up in other things and I really do have a lot of blogs to write and podcasts to deliver and I just have to find a way to get them both completed so I know I’ll figure out a way to do them. Other than that, everything else is very well taken care of.

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