What is My Favorite Sport(s) That I Like to Watch or Play

I love sports…I watch them, I play them and I admire the playing that occurs when it all happens. Whether it’s hitting a home run in baseball, scoring the game-winning shot at either basketball or hockey, making a touchdown in football or making points in soccer, I can never get bored at watching or playing sports. Now I do like sports, but there are some that I like to play where I can just get the ball or whatever and go ahead and make the score without all the hassle of trying to outrun or out beat any opponent that cames my way.

The sport that I really love to watch and play is football. With Super Bowl 57 coming up in February, I can’t wait to see the two teams from each division (AFC versus the NFC) go at each other for the famed Vince Lombardi Trophy, named after the legendary Green Bay Packers head coach in which it’s named after, for one team will claim ultimate victory while the other will go home in ultimate defeat and think about what went wrong. I can run, catch, bypass any opponent coming my way when trying to score a touchdown (hopefully I won’t try to get tackled) and get to the endzone ASAP! Other than football, I like soccer as well because I can run pretty fast (well, not too fast, I’m kinda sorta getting up there in age, but that’s a story for another time), and trying to get hat tricks (scoring three times) to extend the score after geting the ball into the net. Well, I just gave my TWO favorite sports that I love to watch and play and I enjoy both of them with all my heart and will continue on until the end.

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