An Attraction I Haven’t Seen Yet

Since I live in the Great state of Illinois, there are places I haven’t been yet (I mean, I’ve been to our state capitol of Springfield), I have not been everywhere there. The last time I was down in Springfield was back in 1998 with a friend of mine visiting other friends and I really didn’t get the chance to do any sightseeing when there. The place I would love to go see are the ones associated with our late 16th president, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), who was originally born in Kentucky and had a long-standing professional and political career here in Illinois, from being a lawyer traveling the circuit while all the same time running and winning a seat in Congress (1847-49), to continuing on to practice law until he challenged Stephen Douglas to a senate race (but lost) in 1858, when two years later Lincoln would win his party’s (Republican nomination) for president in 1860, challenging Douglas again for the presidency in 1860 and winning.

The two places I would love to visit if I ever visited Springfield would be Lincoln’s Tomb, where Lincoln has been entombed since his assassination (on Friday, April 14th, for he would pass on the following Saturday on the 15th in Washington D.C.) and has been there ever since. And the other place I would love to visit is the Abraham Lincoln Library, where there are large artifacts, notes and books about the late president, from his time as a lawyer up to his service as president. This place must have ALL the info that’s there to learn and since I love reading and doing research so much, what better place to go to as a library, but not just ANY one, but one that can give a person a true learning experience when it comes to wanting the knowledge he or she needs to have in order to understand the times of Mr. Lincoln and his outstanding, yet sometimes balancing act of life untilhe left this world on that April morning of Saturday the 15th in 1865.

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