The Five Things That I Love to Do for Fun

Now this is an interesting question: what are the five things that I love to do for fun? Actually, there are a LOT of things I love to participate in or do when I’m not occupied with work or helping other people with their situations or wahtever. Here are the following five things I love to do, either for fun or just for relaxation:

-Reading: Reading is one of the greatest things I love to do because I’ve been a bookworm all my life, ever since I was little. My type of literary readings are history, business, mysteries, urban fiction and biographies (auto biographies are ok, but I like reading about someone, written by someone because a reader will get a real feel of what the person who is being discussed is all about). And as long as I live, i will NEVER but a book down if it’s intersting or attention-grabbing!

-Playing Video Games: Yes, I am a grown man that seems to still have a kid’s heart but I still do onwe thing that I’ve been doing since I was 6 years olds and that is playing video games (nowadays there’s a name for people who play video games all the the time and they–even myself –are called Gamers) and I have been a big-time Gamer for over 40 years (I got an Atari for my sixth birthday back in ’82) and believe me when I say that I’ve had EVERY game system that came out, no lying about THAT whatsoever and at my age now I STILL get my “Game” on!

-Writing: I love writing alot. It gives a person (mostly myself) the freedom to express with a pen or pencil and not hold back on whatever feelings or thoughts I have. As a matter of fact, I’m a blogger who constanty writes about the various topics of the day (I may discuss past issues and topics as well), but just letting my mind work with my pen or pencil surely get the creative juices flowing and once that happens, watch out!

-Making Money: Everyone, including myself, love doing this, but there are right and wrong ways of going about it and I go about it the right way, whether it’s investing, working everyday just to get the job done and knowing that money will flow in time in order to enjoy it, so basically going into investing is a pretty good way to get money (there are pros and cons, like making profits or taking losses), learning from this one activity can make a person more experienced than he or she already is, including myself.

-Traveling: I love to travel, whenever I get the chance of course, but whatever I’m doing I’m not gonna let it stop me from going to places I like to visit, whether it’s here in the U.S. or other cities or countries around the world, I’ll make sure to get to where I wanna go. Yes, it do cost money to go places and that’s fine, I just make sure that I have funds on hand to get to where I want and do whatever comes to mind activity-wise or just for relaxation and I know that I’ll be happy when I get there.

So there, I have gave the five things that I love doing and the enjoyment that I get out of them. I will never lose interest in the activities I mentioned because I’ll do everything in my power to make sure it’ll interest me and not lead me down a path to boredom and uninterest. I’ll enjoy these five “hobbies” (if a person wants to call them that), but I know they are the “hobbies” that I’ll ALWAYS enjoy to the fullest!

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