What is My Dream Job?

     I have had a lot of jobs over the years and some were good and others not so great, but to be honest, I really never of thought of having a “dream job”, but as long as it brought in good money I’m fine. I remember when I was younger I wanted to be a policeman but that thought went out the window because of the safety measures I’d have to take in order to protect myself and the possibility of being called in whenever there was a need, I just couldn’t do that because I value my rest and relaxation a lot and my day (or night) off.

     The second job I thought about was teaching because I’m such a huge supporter of education and love interaction with children, teaching them what they need to know in the classroom and what they’ll experience in life when they go out into the real world, but the stress of constantly explaining things and the possibility of breaking up arguments and fights is not what I want tiring me.

     Therefore, my dream job was mostly being an investor in the stock market since I’m good with money and my skills of handling it is decent, with of course the possibility of either making profits or losing money, at least I’d know what I’d be getting myself into, and besides, making REAL good money is what I love doing anyway…😊💵😊💵😊💵

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