What Have I Learned About Love…

There are a lot of things that I learned when it came to love, sometimes knowing a majority of the stuff that I’ve experienced over the years, like meeting that special someone who may become a part of one’s life or just someone who just paases you by and is never seen again, if seen at all, or maybe being with someone and all of a sudden you all fall out, but maybe, JUST maybe, getting back together will possibly happen. And then there is the possibility of adultery. The idea or thought that your significant other is cheating or you BEING accused of cheating is outlandish and childish at best, the shoe could be on the other foot as well. I have been in love before and at times it was good and sometimes it didn’t go so well and it was very much but I didn’t dwell on it if something went wrong. If it did, I just moved on and see where the future would leave me.

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