Reflections on 2022 and What ’23 Will Bring

I’m so glad that I started The Wright Info Blog AND The Wright Info Podcast Show, which both started in June of this year and I just want to say that I could not be any proud of myself for creating such an inspiring, informational platform where I can discuss the issues with the blogs that I post and the topics that I discuss on my podcast show (check out the podcast on Anchor, Spotify, LinkIn, it’ll be on other social media sites as well). When I started the Wright Info I was dealing with mostly historical topics (before the title was called The Wright History, then the Wright Blogs, but later I changed the title to The Wright Info) and other things that dealt with our country’s past but later on down the line I decided to go a different route and not jus focus on one generalized topic.

I branched out with different issues such as relationships, financial situations, education, globalization and the effects it had on (and still has on) everything and everyone and so for. I want the Wright Info and The Wright Info Podcast Show to educate people on what, how, who, when, where and why it is important to be informed on various issues and what can be learned not only in the remaining days of 2022, but in the next year as well for I will do everything in my power as a blogger and podcast host not to be too generalized in my discussions and get to the point at hand. I’m looking forward to 2023 to be the year where success will extend to more content from the blog and the podcast show that will further bring a more excelled view to the audience. Therefore I want to thank the readers and the listeners for tuning in to the show and reading the blogs that I put so much effort in…

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