Have I Ever Performed on Stage or Gave a Public Speech

Here is an interesting question that is being asked: have I ever performed on stage or gave a speech in public before. Well the answer to that question is yes, LOTS of times over the years (well I am 46 y/o) but still I have done my fair share of public speaking, yet at times I had to perfect my craft of public speaking, but I have gotten better over time with tons of practice, self-thought and thorough examination of the subjects and topics that I addressed. I spoke at grammar school, high school, college and years later after all my educational succeses and the topics that I talked about were mostly things that I had (and still have) full knowledge of, like education, historical and current events, business, financial situations and so on, so I very much knew what I was doing when speaking. I admit I had stage fright at times, but this was when I was younger but as time progressed I got better and better and received an audience like no other. Whether it was a discussion of my life or the accomplishments I achieved over the years, those were the best times to polish my craft and make the improvements that were needed.

Now as far as performing, I did appear in SOME plays, but all that was in grammar and high school, never in college or now. I wouldn’t say I’m an excellent actor, but I can act AND act out, if need be and I’m sure people would admire my performance if I ever did anything to grab attention (as long as it’s not the attention that would garner negative feedback or criticism), but I would accept collective critiques in a way that would not offend me, being that it would motivate me to improve how I perform or speak in public in front of either a few people or a large gathering. Everyone is an “actor” or “public speaker” in his or her own way or right (kind of like built-in in a sense) and something like that could possibly land someone in either the next Academy Award-winning movie or even in the White House, who knows, anything in life is possible, if the mind is put to the test by the person who wants to improve either their acting or public speaking skills.

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