Distancing Influence on Economic Relationships

Feedback is a crucial part of communication between the participants of economic relationships and is vital for all stakeholders involved. Indeed, the presence of feedback and the consistency of the dialogue between stakeholders allows for the shaping of offerings of products and services so that the target audience could remain satisfied. In this respect, the introduction of a factor such as distancing is likely to serve as an impediment to the further performance of an organization and cause a failure in managing information properly. Implying the outcome of separating a product from consumption, distancing is defined by a range of factors, which lead to the reduced quality of feedback and therefore increase the threat of failing to provide the target audiences with the product that meets their expectations.

For this reason, the importance of introducing the tools that minimize the costs and controlling them to a certain extent is requires, especially in the context of the present day digital economy. Due to the rapid inclusion of digital tools into the interactions between companies and consumers, the process of distancing has helped to reduce costs as a result of simplified supply chains, yet it has also created a separation between the brand and the target audience.

Therefore, to ensure that customers continue to relate to the promoted products and services closely, an in-depth study of the essential factors determining the cultural appeal of a product that is relatable to consumers from a range of cultural backgrounds will be required. It is reasonable for organizations, particularly those planning to function on a global scale, to invest in the specific area of research as well as in the concept of product diversification.

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