The Past Recession and the American Dream of Education

This blog post aims to analyse the ill effects of the recession we recently had which occurred and the terrible consequences which families, students and children in America are currently facing (or were) facing. This blog explores the dreams and future hopes of families with regards to the academic and professional prospects of their children with the objective of determining the severity of the economic downturn and its effects on the lives of numerous Americans and their hopes for a better future. The effect of the staggering economy of the U.S. is a phenomenon which has had global effects.

The case of one student (not named) is an excellent example of the manner in which the youth and teen student population of America have been hit real hard. This student completed her high school education with flying colors with the hope of one day attending Clark Atlanta University. This student had hoped to secure herself a place in the university on the basis of her 2008 tassel which would enable her to continue her education at CAU under the “Touch the Future” head start scholarship which would cover her school cost.

However, “harsh economic realities” have deterred her dreams for the present and she is instead forced to forgo her dreams due to the uncertainty of her father’s job loss and her mother’s failure to make her business a success. Nevertheless, despite all odds, the current young generation has adjusted to the harsh realities and have learned to make sacrifices in life. Children and students are looking fore schools and colleges that are closer to home while some are delaying school or just attending less prestigious ones or taking on small jobs to stay on track, displaying optimism and faith in their future rather than pessimism and hopelessness.

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