The Transformation of Economic Thinking to Achieve Social Justice

Economic policy has not really addressed the pressing challenges we face today: extreme poverty, widespread joblessness and precarious employment, increased inequality, and large-scale environmental threats.

What is the relationship between human rights and inequalities in income and wealth? The human rights framework offers an approach that stand in marked contrasts to neoclassical economic theory. This blog post looks at how income and wealth inequality affects realized outcomes with regard to the enjoyment of specific rights and how the distribution of resources affects political dynamics and power relations within which specific rights are realized.

In this blog I provide a human rights analysis to the U.S. response to the Great Recession we had back in 2007-08. Under international law, states are obligated to fulfill, protect and respect basic economic social human rights, and to ensure equal employment of these rights for all. The economic crisis impacted the rights to work and to maintain adequate standards of living. This blog focuses on macroeconomic policies and the impact of relief and recovery programs on women, children, racial and ethnic minorities and other economically marginalized people.

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