Diversity and the Path to Economic Growth

While everyone is talking about the two political party’s agenda going forward and the great political divide that besets the nation, both the Democratic and Republican parties speak a common goal: economic growth. With that growth, the United States can’t fulfill an all-American agenda: putting Americans to work, fostering enterprise, attracting foreign investments, expanding the tax base to find vital public initiatives, and enabling the country to remain strong and globally influential.

What’s more, America (sometimes seen as “red states” or “blue states) seem to agree that the main catalyst of growth is outstanding innovations. Since the first stirrings of the Industrial Revolution, world-leading innovation is developing life-improving goals, success and solutions has been the heart of America’s economic leadership. Has it been the power of our free enterprise system? Yes, we can credit our culture’s splendid mix of curiosity competition and collaboration? Yes!

Inscribed on America’s national seal is the motto E pluribus unum (Out of many, one), America’s history proves the converse is equally true: we are number one because we are many. The cultural and intellectual chemistry produced when minds from every country and background in the world come together in a welcoming environment of opportunity and freedom to share and inspire ideas is more than just powerful–it is transformational.

When organizations fail to embrace and harness diversity, it’s more than just a social circumstance, it has legal shortcomings. It can be lethal in a trade-based way that would assist a global economy which demands that we innovate for different customers around the world.

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