My Most Favorite Place in the City to Go

     There are a lot of places in my city I love to go and trust me, there are a LOT! But the most favorite places I love to go to are all the libraries that we have here (I know that sounds crazy but it’s where I love going to) and all those libraries that I visit have ALL the information I need and want. It’s very much quite obvious why I love going to the library mainly because I love to read a lot and I got books damn near all over my place!😂😂😂

     Any place of knowledge or a place that gives knowledge is where I go in order to absorb the things and ideas I need or may need in the future for any references that I may have to go into. I also love libraries because of the new books or articles I haven’t viewed yet and wondering if that info that are in the place will assist me in any topic or subject that I’m covering for whatever reason. I might as well admit that I am a CHICAGOAN and yes, we have lots of libraries here in the city that I visit but the one we have here is the Harold Washington Library (named after Chicago’s first African-American mayor) in the city’s South Loop area and that place has TONS of books, articles and references that can be searched over and over again.

So there you have it, my favorite city has the one thing that I love so much and it’s libraries and Harold Washington Library is THE place to be and to visit when wanting to learn whatever is needed to freshen the mind and expand its general architectural landscape as far as how large this institution is. I will continue on visiting other libraries to go read and do research, but Harold Washington Library is the place I’ll always love and take full advantage of what it has to offer.

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