Anyplace in the World I Would Live

     There are a lot of places in the world I’d love to reside in, but the decision would be SO hard cause I LOVE traveling so much whenever I get the chance and even that can be hard at times. I do love my very own hometown of Chicago because there’s so much to do and see and born and bred people do NOT like relocating, maybe it’s the loyalty that one has for his or her birth city or state (or even country).

As for myself, I would love to live probably in Paris or the Caribbean because I do speak a bit of fluent French and I have visited the Caribbean many years ago cause I love various food from the islands of course ( I visited Jamaica and yes, I had a great time), and would love to visit again, but I say Paris because of the cultural history that the city (along with France as a whole) has to offer. Now don’t ever get me wrong, I love my United States of America like crazy but it won’t hurt to reside somewhere else so I can get a feel of what I’ve experienced before compared to what I can experience when I’m at that particular place. I have a longing of living somewhere else at times, but leaving Sweet Home Chicago for good wouldn’t be such a great idea because of my loyalty to this city that is windy, a city that works and the shoulders we have are big…

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