What Podcasts Am I Listening To

There are a lot of podcasts I love listening to that makes my day go by and keep me laughing, podcasts that can be informative, thought-provoking, cheerful and sometimes more understanding to acknowledge, but the one podcast I listen to is the one that I myself created and it’s called The Wright Info Podcast Show and it’s available on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and will be on iHeartRadio and SoundCloud pretty soon. I discuss various topics and subjects dealing with everything and everybody and the effects it has on people and their everyday lives and the direction it will lead them on their thoughts and visions of a better self and so on. So everyone feel free to tune in to the podcast at anytime or day, cause I don’t have a specific day or time schedule, I just go with the flow and speak freely for those ears that want the info they need to feed their minds.

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