Financial Limitations in the Consumer Behavior Process

This blog that I’m discussing lookds at financial limitations in the consumer behavior process. The work singles out four perspectives such as resource scarcity, choice restriction, social comparison and environmental uncertainty. It describes their influence onn the final decision-makingf in conditions of scarce resources. I’m discussing how consumers manage to cope with limited financial resources and buy desired goods without money limitations.

This blog lookss at the models of consumer behavior and the main factors that determine the final choice of thecustomer. Among these factors, budget and utility of goods are considered the ones that have the most significant impact on consumers decision-making processes. The model behaviors are discussed in terms of their relevance; most authors conclude that the cost of goods for customers directly correlates with the attraction of these goods, given the equal utility of purchases. Moreover, the price has a larger influence on a customer’s choice than a brand name or a popularity of goods.

Is this saying ALWAYS true?

This blog post discusses different aspects of student consumer behavior and its link to cultural intelligence.I applied the cultural intlligence model and the contractural theory to discuss the factors that impact the student’s intentions to make purchases. These approaches are then utilized to discuss the studernt’s peer-to-peer interviews. The results show that the students cultural intelligence scores, their IQ, and their self-perceptions all had an impact on their behaviors s consumers. This study contributes to the understanding of consumer behavior as a complex mechanism. Therefore, there were significant differences in the consumer behavior responses of the students whose first language was first and foreign exchage students, which were attibuted to the difference of cultures.

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