The Common Condition System by Socrates

The guardian philosopher-king is the leader with the distinct characteristics such as wisdom, intelligence, efficiency, and sacrifice. The willingness to live a minimalist or simple lifestyle is what Socrates advocates in his theory of the character of the just. Therefore, the guardian is prohibited from private property ownership but encouraged to reside in communal structures without a flamboyant lifestyle. This living standard is what Socrates describes as the lifestyle of the common. This common condition has various benefits in making the guardians better citizens since it promotes social equity, moral values, respect and domestic tranquility.

The common condition is a system that strengthens selflessness and respect for social equity. This condition enhances citizenship because the guardians will learn strategies to ensure inclusiveness in their decision-making, commitment to justice, and understanding of people at the basic unit level for better practices and beliefs. Through the experience of the common condition, guardians will understand the virtue of selflessness, which is integral in enhancing the character of a just man.

Old Man Thinking
Old Man Thinking by Arthur William Heintzelman (American, 1891–1965) is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

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