Censorship Issue: Books Should Never Be Banned

Book banning began in 259 B.C. when a Chinese emperor destroyed previous accounts of information that were in printed form. One of the examples of book censorship happened back in 1933 when the leadership of Nazi Germany burned publications written by Einstein, Freud, and Hemingway. Other books have been banned across the world almost every year starting in the 1980’s. Governments censor some books because they contain questionable information for relative young readers.

Protecting young readers from different experiences is a futile attempt. Children are learning so much from media outlets; thus books are not the only source of information. Since parents and guardians are not ready to share different experiences with their kids, these roles are left to the media. Banning some books means that the affected audiences will have more interest in accessing the information. In addition, only parents can tell their children what to read or not to read.

Books are akin to best teachers because they contain accounts of history, compassion, vocabulary, and new thoughts. These pieces of information influence how people learn and progress in life. All generations can access printed information and they improve their level of knowledge. Book censorship limits the extent to which people can learn. Therefore, people should be allowed to learn new ideas from publications across the world.

Notably, books can positively influence a world that have too many, economic, social, and political problems. Solutions to some of these issues are contained in books. Handling the issue begins with confronting them in writing. Restricting freedom of thought is seen as a serious form of subversion. Moreover, audiences should be allowed to read various books so that they can change the world by executing some solutions of authors.

In conclusion, various governments have censored books around the world. Printed publications have been likened to upsurp teachers. They present information that generations want to know. How they demonstrate solutions help societies and individuals to progress. Targeted audiences should access books without being censored.

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