Relaxing on a Good Weekend

    I’m SO glad I’m off this weekend because I can do so much and get it all outta the way and be proud of myself. Believe me, I had a REAL busy week with two jobs and running an up and coming online business that’s doing Ok do far and getting enough rest was what I need. I don’t know what I really got planned, maybe go out to a movie, treat myself to dinner, read a good book or all three (I enjoy all those activities anyway). I may even go to the park and write some blogs (Oh, I forgot, Im a blogger that writes about just about anything that I know and add a little spice to it).

I love reading and writing, the two things that relax me on weekends ☺️☺️☺️

     On most weekends I do work SOMETIMES, but not all the time, for rest is definitely needed on my part and I tend to get as much as I can. Whether it’s a nice day or just gloomy as hell on a weekend, I’ll find something to occupy my time and not waste on anything that’s not worth it. Just imagine if we got PAID to relax and didn’t have to do nothing (we’d all be rich as hell and let the work do itself, if it won’t happen because WE have to do the work😒😒😒). I don’t have much to say today as far as my day is going, but it was nice of me to share my day, although I didn’t do much today, but hey, the weekend’s just started and there’s plenty for me to get into and then some so I’ll just leave it at that and so I say see y’all later and enjoy your days off ☺️☺️☺️

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