The Symbols Presented on the Haitian Flag

The Statue of Liberty is the most famous monument in the United States. However, before reading the articles in the learning block, I didn’t know the true intent of this structure. Like many citizens, I was convinced that Black woman was the prototype of the Statue of Liberty. However, upon learning about Frederic-Auguste-Bartholdi and his Egyptian and Arabic background, my perception but not dramatically. The most interesting thing in this respect is the extent to which the sculptor was passionate about his work and aspired to implement it. Although the original concept was created for the Suez Canal, he was ready to re-work the entire concept and bring it to life.

The artifact that I chose for this blog is the flag of the Caribbean country of Haiti (formerly Saint Domingue). The question is: Which features of the flag does Haiti represent? TO answer this question, one can turn to symbolic analysis, as well as analysis of the history of Haiti to determine the values and key characteristics of the local people.

According to Thraysbule, he claims that the symbols of the Haitian flag “carry several important messages about the order, discipline, unity, self,-control, strength, opportunities for commerce, economic development, stability, wisdom and health”. Thus considering the symbols presented on the flag, and comparing them with aspects of Haitian history, one can determine their true meaning and value for residents. Therefore, the flag can be used to understand which aspects are most significant to Haitians and how they represent them in their symbolism.

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