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     There are a lot of topics that I like to discuss but sometimes there just be so many, but there are only two that I focus on because they important to me anyway and that’s politics and economics and do have very keen expertise on both. I say politics because although we have the two-party system that can’t always be trusted when it comes to policymaking or the passage of various legislation, I still believe in it because that’s the only system we as Americans know. I just LOVE the debates and challenges that occur during campaign season and that’s when all the accusations, dirty tricks, and false claims fly around for no apparent reason, just to claim the electoral crown. Well there can be some reform with the situation and maybe, just maybe, politics don’t have to be so cynically viewed as negative and can move in a more positive light.

Another topic that I like to be informed about is the current and future dynamics of economics. Dealing with money can be and IS a good thing, but only if handled right, especially when it comes to the nation’s economic growth and impact. I love studying stocks and bonds at times, because it gives me a real feel on how money works and how it “moves” mountains for either buying a stock worth investing in, or selling it and doesn’t do too well and it just tanks and brings me down financially and I wind up regretting it. I love information about how to help better myself when it comes to money management (I am good at it, but would love to get A lot better). Anyone can feel feel free to sit and have a friendly, respectful discussion about politics and economics with me, trust me because I not only learn quick, but I succeed very, very fast!🤗🤗🤗☺️☺️☺️

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