How Do I Celebrate Holidays.

     How I celebrate holidays? Now that’s an interesting question to ask and to me a very much easy one for me to answer since I love holidays so much. There are some I commemorate if I’m not with family or friends. To me it really doesn’t matter what holiday it is I just love to have a great time. I can give six holidays I put a full emphasis on when celebrating them.

     1.) New Years because I’m ringing in a new year and thanking God to see another year and put behind any situations I been through in the previous one and wishing for the very best in the new one with future success and possibly better fortune.

     2.) Juneteenth, which falls on June 19th, commemorates the FULL emancipation of the LAST of the slaves that were held in Galveston, Texas in 1865, making this the FULL abolishment of an institution that never should have been established in the first place! On this day I wear my Juneteenth shirt and hat (if I had one) with pride and joy and definitely relish in the excitement of freedom for ALL my people.

     3.) The Fourth of July, the day that we as Americans celebrate our long, hard-fought fight for freedom against Great Britain back in 1776, was well-deserved, but there are those who feel that celebrating this holiday shows a form of hypocrisy because the Founding Fathers declared that everyone that resided in the newly formed United States was free, but that freedom was not extended to African-Americans, who were enslaved. I oppose the hypocrisy that the creators of America showed toward blacks, but as an AMERICAN I can proudly wear my red, white and blue on the day of our nation’s birth because there are some countries in the world that don’t enjoy the rights we have here.

     4.) Halloween, or as we call All Hallows Eve, reminds me of a “pre-Thanksgiving” in costume because children (and some adults), dress up in costumes and get candy and play tricks on each  other in exchange for treats and trust me, I just LOVE some treats, but it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been in a costume and just watching horror movies is what excites me anyway.

     5.) Thanksgiving, the day we give thanks for the people in our lives, those who are thankful for our assistance and definitely thankful for the food that is prepared! 😋😋😋😂😂😂 I’ll admit I’ll be the first one at the table waiting for all the food to be served so I can help myself to seconds…and thirds…and fourths!😂😂😂

     6.) Christmas…the ULTIMATE holiday where gift giving and celebrating the birth of Jesus is what makes me enjoy the wonders of hope for the coming new year after ALL the holidays have come and gone, just to start all over again. 

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