My Ideal Week…

I had a great week so far. Working 2 jobs can be something else but it’s really well worth it and I DEFINITELY needed the rest! But today (Saturday, September 10th) I attended 3 events here in my home city of Chicago. First, I attended Lit Fest, the annual book festival on Dearborn Street and stayed there for a couple of hours, purchasing a book and getting one for free (that was nice). I’m sure to attend the event again next year☺️☺️☺️

The second event I attended was the Black Wall Street Business Fair in Woodlawn on 61st Street between Cottage Grove and Eberhart, where there were various black businesses that had plenty of information and advice on how to either start a business or make a current one even better. That was an event worth going to cause getting a better understanding of how businesses work would really be a plus for someone to start off small and grow and prosper in the long run.

An example of the Black Wall Street Fair in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood.

Last but not least, I also attended the Caribbean Jerk Fest in Washington Park, where the food was great and the music was jumping hard and loud! Vendors from all the islands of the Caribbean came to the festival to show off their very best and yes, the food was delicious! So yes, even though this has been a busy week for me, I have to say that I had an ideal DAY and would enjoy it again AND again🤗🤗🤗

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