Media and Communication Technology: The Positive and Negative Impacts

The negative impact of media and communication technology involves aspects such as reduced productivity and depreciating mental health in individuals. However, such technology also have a positive impact on humans. By channeling their energy into online activities, individuals can become more productive and gain knowledge that could change their lives for the better. Media and communication technology form an essential part of human interaction in the digital world.

According to most psychologists and those who are experienced in the tech field, they state that ” fun of Twitter and, I suspect (speaking from one person), is it’s infinite potential for connection, or well as it’s opportunity for self-expression. I enjoy those things myself”. This shows the essential role that social media plays in bringing people with shared interest together.

Furthermore, there is reiteration that “games consistently provide us with the four ingredients that make for a happy and meaningful life: satisfying work, real hope for success, strong social connections and the chance to become part of something bigger than ourselves”. Under these circumstances, individuals can use their gaming experiences to increase their productivity.

Consequently, taking in the positive impacts of technology supports the idea of better usage in improving individual knowledge and capacity. After doing a thorough research of this topic by identifying potential areas that can be leveraged in the sector to enhance human interaction with such technologies. This is important because it provides a basis through which technology can be tailored to fit human needs in the evolving world.

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