Why the Housing Crisis is Worst for Black Families

We all know in America that there is a housing crisis across most of the western world, like the United Kingdom and here in the U.S., but why is the situation so much worst for black Americans? It seems that it is a constant uphill struggle for black households to buy there own home, and they are much more likely to live in social housing than white families. Many people say that it is primarily down to the economic inequality between black and white households. There are great employment and economic disparities here in the U.S., as well as the fact that the low level of homeownership seems to continue the cycle.

Homeownership is one of the key ways that families can generate wealth, which can be passed on. The lack of African-Americans owning homes has a knock-on effect for future generations, and it is much harder for these future generations to get a home if their parents never owned one. Age is also a factor, as the average age of the white population is around 40, but the average age of blacks is mid-20s, making it harder for then to secure a home. Another factor is the population density of blacks living in cities where housing prices are much higher.

Income, age, family, wealth and location all seem to play a part in the overall equation that has led to the great housing disparities across the country and possibly around the world.

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