Dream Jobs: Why Applicants should apply to Jobs They’re not Qualified For

     Every job seeker can relate to the struggle of finding dream jobs that don’t match their qualifications. Some get discouraged and take their chances applying to roles that are “perfect fits” or even below their expertise. Others will simply shrug their shoulders and click apply anyway. So who is right in this situation?

     Question: should you apply to a job when you don’t meet 100% of all the qualifications? The short answer is yes. Applicants SHOULD definitely apply to a job even when they don’t meet 100% of the qualifications. You don’t have to be a perfect match to be a great candidate for a job. In fact, being qualified for a role could be an indicator that you are not challenging yourself or preparing for that next big stage in your career. Embrace the opportunity to grow and improve in a new role, it’s a win-win for job applicants and respective employers. There will be companies that may not see the value in developing their people and allowing them to work on stretch projects. That means that they’re not the right employer for those that have the hunger for personal and professional growth.

Connecting with other experienced professionals in the industry and engaging companies that are known for strong DE and I policies can make all the difference for job seekers. The next time you’re starting a job in which the description asks for 5 years or more experience, apply anyway if you ever have just THREE years of experience.

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