How Millennials are making a Huge Impact on Businesses

     As millennials continue to enter the workforce, their values, lifestyles, preferences, technological proficiency and sheer numbers are making big impacts on business cultures. While not every individual is the same in their wants or needs, a vast majority of millennials have a desire for their employer to show social responsibility. This means that they want flexibility and diversity in the workforce. Most young people want a high quality of life, which includes work-related balance and the chance for remote work where possible. In fact, many of this generation are willing to leave a job they like for lesser paying jobs so it better aligns with their millennial values.

A Millennial.

     Millennials feel a direct connection between their daily life, and how their actions impact communities as a whole. Therefore they want their workplace to contribute positively to the community and eventually to the world. They prioritize companies that have a corporate social responsibility that they can get behind, or at least have programs that help the company have a global impact. Diversity and inclusion are often top priorities for millennials, and they want to be sure that they will be working somewhere that can and does employ men and women off all races. Millennials do appreciate working with people who are different from them, and understand that often this leads to more ideas and collaboration in the long run.

     Another thing that Millennials love that a flexible work-life leads them to be more productive during working hours, and feel enriched and creative as they enter the office. It seems easy to mistake their wants for flexibility as laziness or a low work ethic–but but most business find nothing can be further from the truth. Millennials are willing to put in the hours, work hard and work well and so for. This desire for flexibility is seen by an increasing bomber of millennials choosing to get online degrees.

Millennials values are being more and more successful in business school. This education in how companies run, combined with current millennial values, allows for changing the business cultures that are impacting companies around the world and influence on how work is done there, as well as what is valued to the companies.

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